Radley Edward Sidwell-Lewis 🇦🇺

technologist | traveller | writer | thinker



I'm a passionate technologist specialising in FinTech, Blockchain, Cyber Security and Software Engineering. I have over decade of combined technology and financial services experience, and enjoy solving complex real world problems through the application of technology. As an experienced founder, I have a proven track record of leading teams to successful execution of high-quality, production ready applications.

In mid-2023 I sold my last venture through private sale - RT Reporting, which I co-founded with my brother is a cloud-based advisory and financial forecasting product. Prior to this, I worked in Munich on a Self-Sovereign Identity blockchain project.

My international banking and finance experience spans more than five years across Australia, NY and HK with ANZ Bank Ltd and later HSBC. Most of this time was spent focused on financial institutions coverage, including funds, hedge funds, banks, public sector and insurers.


Born in Melbourne, Australia, I was fascinated by the world, languages and technology from a young age. As a young kid I would listen to the BBC World Service on radio late into the night, a habit I've never kicked although these days its YouTube, Podcasts and books.

My first computer ran a Pentium III 733mhz processor and introduced me to the world of technology, gaming and programming. While I spent my 20's studying and working in international finance, I finally came full circle in 2018 when I left banking and turned my life long passion for tech into my profession.

Currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I love exploring, hiking, travelling and discovering new places. I have a passion for languages and culture, am fluent in German, and conversant in Mandarin.

I have been lucky enough to live all around the world, including Germany, China/HK, Thailand and spend significant stints in the USA, Israel, Spain, Malaysia and Mexico.


King's College London, Masters of Science (Advanced Cyber Security)

Graduation due late 2024

Monash University, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Graduated in 2012 with distinction

Monash University, Melbourne, Bachelor of Arts (Politics)

Graduated in 2012 with distinction

UIBE, Beijing (对外经济贸易大学), Business Chinese (Non-Degree)

Completed in 2018


TELC, C1 Deutsch Zertifikat

📍Munich, completed in 2020 (ID: 1082171)

Hanban Confucius Institute, HSK IV

📍Beijing, completed in 2018


Operating System: I am almost exclusively using some variant of Arch linux these days. Recently I have also been working with Pop!_OS again.

Languages: I consider myself language agnostic and always open to learning new ones. I am most proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript and Python. I also have experience with C, Java, Lua and Bash/POSIX shell scripting. Right now I am learning Rust.

Frameworks: This website is built with rssg, a Static Site Generator I coded in Rust that has zero JavaScript out of the box. For more complex front-end projects I tend towards Vue.js/NUXT.js, although I have built applications with React.js/Redux and mobile applications with React.Native. On the backend I have experience with Express.js, Koa.js, Flask, FastAPI and Django.

Cloud: I mostly use AWS for my commercial projects. Cloudflare and self hosting with Raspberry Pis and old computers for my personal projects.

Databases: I love MongoDB, and it is usually sufficient for what I need. I also have experience with SQL databases such as Postgres and MySQL along with in memory databases such as Redis.

Editor: In the last year I have shifted exclusively to NeoVim with tmux as my default editor.

Shell: I use zsh.

Crypto: The only crypto currency I am interest in these days is Monero. I stay abrest of other blockchain developments especially relating to self sovereign identity and Web3.

Machines: My main machines are an X1 Carbon (6th Gen) Lenovo ThinkPad and an XMG Fusion 15. I like tinkering with older ThinkPad models like the t440p and t480 too.

Keyboards: I am a big believer in high quality keyboards for long writing and coding sessions. Recently I got my hands on a Keychron K8 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. Other than this, I also have a Ducky Mecha Mini v2 and a Durgod Taurus K320.

Mouse: Since my Logitech MX Master 2s broke recently I have shifted to the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Overall, the cleaner look and more rudimentary functionality is more suited to my usage (especially with Linux).

Monitor: Right now I am using the EX2780Q 144Hz Gaming Monitor with HDRi Technology | BenQ.