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Radley Edward Sidwell-Lewis 🇦🇺



Growing up in the beautiful, hilly outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, I was fascinated by the world, languages and technology from a young age. As a young kid I would listen to the BBC World Service on radio late into the night, a habit I’ve never kicked although these days its YouTube and Podcasts.

My first computer ran a Pentium III 733mhz processor and introduced me to the world of technology, gaming and programming. While I spent my 20’s studying and working in international finance, I finally came full circle in 2018 when I left banking and turned my life long passion for tech into my profession.

Since a 10 week school exchange to Schwerin in the former East Germany at the age of 16 I have dedicated myself to exploring and learning about the world. Fluent in German and conversant in Mandarin Chinese, I love languages. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Munich and also spend significant stints in Israel, India and Spain.

I am an avid hiker, amateur sailor and am most passionate about two things: 1) global political affairs; and, 2) revolutionising business through technology.

Preferred tech-stack: is Python with Flask, MongoDB, Vue.js with TypeScript hosted on AWS.

Favourite programming language: Python (I plan on learning more C/C++ next).

Oh, and I ❤️ Italy.

Professional experience

In late 2020 I co-founded RT Reporting, a cloud based financial forecasting software solution for accountants, bookkeepers and businesses. Prior to founding RT Reporting worked as a software engineer in Munich, Germany.

Before pivoting to software engineering and FinTech I worked in international banking for more than 5 years across Melbourne, and New York, Sydney and Hong Kong for both the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group and later HSBC. Most of this time was spent focused on financial institutions coverage, including funds, hedge funds, banks, public sector and insurers. During my time at university I served part-time in the Australian Army Reserve for more than 3 years.


Languages, technology, hiking, sailing, japanese cars, reading, economics, finance, investment, travel, fitness among others.


Monash University, Melbourne

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) & Bachelor of Arts (Politics)

Graduation: 2012

King’s College, London

Masters of Advanced Cyber Security

Graduation: due 2022


telc, C1 Deutsch Zertifikat

Issued: November 2020 (ID 1082171)

Hanban Confucius Institute, HSK IV

Issued: July 2018

Codeworks, Software Engineering Bootcamp

Issued: February 2019