In late 2020 I co-founded - along with my brother - RT Reporting, a cloud based advisory software solution for accountants, bookkeepers and businesses. RT Reporting services more than 1,000 small to medium sized businesses across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and even Papua New Guinea.

RT Reporting is a Xero Certified SaaS application built in Vue.js/NUXT.js, Express.js, FastAPI, MongoDB and Redis. As the lead engineer and co-founder, I am responsible for the end-to-end software development cycle, from customer focused feedback and engagement on features, to UX design and the implementation of the IP and business logic. RT Reporting's development team includes one other front-end engineer and a contracted UX designer.


Since March 2018 I have been a maintainer of Saga47Swan's homepage. Saga is an offshore and coastal adventure sailing company based all around the world.

This full-stack application is built with Next.js and Django and is hosted with AWS.


From March 2019 to September 2020 I worked for myEGO, a Germany based B2B platform leveraging blockchain in the pursuit of digital identity protection.

myEGO is a bleeding edge technology approach to self sovereign identity. As a full-stack engineer I was responsible for for React.Native mobile application development, backend development with Express.js and blockchain development using Hyperledger.